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‘Alien tank’ found on the Moon, UFO hunters say

A mysterious object on the face of the moon could be a “tank” by UFO researchers – or it could be a “bizarre rock.”

SecureTeam 10, known for its YouTube channel, unveiled a video that shows an alleged offshore tank given by an unknown civilization.
“A shell-shaped object was discovered on the moon, scattered among what appears to be the ruins of some kind,” said SecureTeam10 in the video.

Investigators, who hit several other videos related to the UFO, also pointed out that it could be a strange form of rock that has not been seen before.
“A shell-shaped object was discovered on the moon, scattered among what appears to be the remains of some kind,” SecureTeam10 said in its video.

“Now, of course, the moon is covered with rocks, but when I saw that, I heard my ears.

“If there was a tank, it would have to be old, which explains the alteration of this thing.”
The object could be a “forced lock”, the channel continued.

He emphasized another mysterious object similar to a saucer shot from the same NASA photo and said it was an “almost metallic surface texture that is highly reflective.”

SecureTeam 10 also featured several images of what appears to be clues on the moon to back up the claim that military vehicles once landed on the lunar surface.
A rectangle-shaped object was seen in a NASA photo that UFO experts say is the top of a war tank.

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The big “vehicle” stood out in a detailed image of the United States space agency and was analyzed by SecureTeam10, a YouTube channel that reviews the mysteries of the universe.

Tyler Glockner of SecureTeam has nearly one million subscribers, said that the object of the similar deposit seems to be scattered among what appear to be the ancient ruins.

Speaking of being “tank type”, he said: “It is quite possible to rock in the strange shape, but I want the guys to observe in artificial nature.
“The reason I said it looked like a tank is because if you look at a real tank with a bird’s eye view, you will see the tank turret on top, and it has very much like features in the tank. What we see on Earth.

“If it’s a tank, obviously it would be earlier, which would explain the alteration of this thing.”

He added that the image shows the “tank” in a field of scattered objects, which look like metal or machine parts with angles and even a disk-like object protruding from the surface

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