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Must have These Books To Clear IAS Prelims In 1st Attempt with the Help of NCERT Books

Now it has been decided to become the agent IAS / IPS / IFS and research and study materials books to live your dream life.

Well, you are on the right page, here we have done everything possible to guide you to the beginning of this journey with an appropriate strategy and approach.

The given list of books is compiled after analyzing the profile of more than 100 aspirants to the IAS success, there were many similarities in their preparation as the configuration

They followed the limited study material

They were reviewed seriously rather than reading the new themes every day.
Many of them have deciphered the exam with self-preparation
Most of the used books that we will mention later
So if you follow these strategies and techniques during the preparation, you can break the preliminary UPSC first try. Yes, it’s hard to break the review, but not impossible.

In this post, we share the 8 most important books for civilian paper preliminary examination Services 1 to preliminary document 2 (CSAT), follow this link. As we have already mentioned to this compilation, we considered two things, the first is the preliminary program of the public function (to have complete information) and the second is the IAS preliminary books suggested by replacements.

How NCERT Books helps People in getting Good Result in IAS Exam

By the time students had the choice of a limited selection of manual NCERT Books solutions, especially for math and science, it is now over, but now, with many options, students are exceptional from which to choose.

IAS Prelims Booklist in Hindi/English For UPSC Civil Services Examination

Here we have put the buying links of must-have books from different websites in English & Hindi Version so that you can avail the best deal.

Eng – Stands for English version of Books

Hindi – Stands for Hindi Version of Books

List of Books for UPSC Prelims Link to Get it
India’s Ancient Past RS Sharma Eng – Hindi
Our Constitution Eng – Hindi
Medieval Indian History Eng –  Hindi
A Brief History of Modern India Spectrum Eng – Hindi
Facets of Indian Culture by Spectrum Eng – Hindi
Indian Polity 5th Edition Laxmikanth Eng – Hindi
Certificate Physical and Human Geography Eng – Hindi
Wizard Geography for General Studies Eng – Hindi
Indian Economy (Ramesh Singh) 8th Edition Eng  – Hindi

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