Published by yourcollegebars on May 2, 2017

Landmark projects

The complex has a cafeteria, doc­tor on 24  hour call and other recre­ational facilities to suit the needs of elderly residents. Many of the residents have grown-up children who have set­tled overseas. “When they come here they bring i-Pads with them and teach us how to use them. This enables us to reach them whenever…

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Published by yourcollegebars on April 18, 2017

Need for long-term measures

The government interventions continue to distort cotton economy O Of late, the obstructionist pol­icies of the government have been blocking the way of the market forces and creating unwar­ranted distortions in the cotton market. And, despite a strong cot­ton production base, the domestic industry has not been able to take full advantage of the situation….

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