Published by yourcollegebars on September 17, 2017

Mysterious Signals From Space Continue to Baffle Scientists

Mysterious explosions In February 2015, the Parkes radio telescope in Australia detected rapid bursts (FRB), which have fascinated astronomers since. FRB called “cosmic hiss” is a fast flash of energy seen as separate intergalactic radio waves. The FRB 150215, however, appears to be different previously recorded bursts. What makes the FRB 150215 more intriguing is…

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Published by yourcollegebars on September 9, 2017

Austin-made parts, signatures headed to space station

The signatures of 21 students from Austin High School go to the International Space Station, as well as pieces made by the school’s machine tool technology class. The firmas de los 21 estudiantes of the escuela secundaria Austin van a la Estación Espacial Internacional, así como las piezas hechas for the tecnología de máquinas herramientas…

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Published by yourcollegebars on September 2, 2017

‘Alien tank’ found on the Moon, UFO hunters say

A mysterious object on the face of the moon could be a “tank” by UFO researchers – or it could be a “bizarre rock.” SecureTeam 10, known for its YouTube channel, unveiled a video that shows an alleged offshore tank given by an unknown civilization. “A shell-shaped object was discovered on the moon, scattered among…

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