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Jury deliberations to start Monday in ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli’s fraud trial

Jury deliberations to start Monday in ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli’s fraud trial

NEW YORK – “Martin Pharmacy,” Martin Shkreli, opens his views on Facebook Live for days of at least 2 and a half.

Jury members must begin weighing their fate on criminal fraud charges Monday after a prosecutor has ended closing legal arguments by telling the jury that Shkreli mistakenly calculated that he was “above the law.”

The panel of seven women and five men decided to postpone deliberations over the weekend in a decision of 3:40 pm .. And on Friday in a federal court in Brooklyn after Judge Kiyo Matsumoto of the District Court gave them final instructions About the law.

The deputy prosecutor Jacquelyn Kasulis of the United States told the jury that the defense gave them a portrait of Shkreli’s “fairy tale” as a hyper-savvy entrepreneur in the healthcare industry knowing that he has never deceived investors into their companies .

In response, Kasulis repeated Frank Shkreli’s e-mail response when a lawyer has warned that acquiring shares of companies at below-market prices could pose legal problems.
“It is time for Martin Shkreli to be responsible for his choices His choice to lie, cheat and steal,” Kasulis said. “The last four weeks have been exposed by Martin Shkreli for who he really is – a thief who stole millions of dollars” .

The government has had the last word after defense lawyer Benjamin Brafman ended his closing argument reminding the jury that all Shkreli investors are finally making money thanks to the New Yorker’s efforts.

“Who lost something? No,” said Brafman,

Criticizing the case of the search as a mixture of false theories and legal arguments, he said: “You can not throw things against the wall and hope that some of them rise.” “It’s very simple”.
Shkreli stopped for much of Brafman’s argument. He glanced periodically at the defense table and stuck his hair in Kasulis’ voice.

The frequent presence of social media decided not to testify in their own defense, avoiding being questioned by prosecutors.

However, he avoided the Justice Ministry in a publication Thursday that the president referred to Trump and his motto campaign, “to make United States one more time.”

“My case is a stupid witch hunt perpetrated by independent prosecutors. Fortunately, my incredible lawyer sent them to the school they belong to,” Shkreli wrote. “Clear the swamp, drain the sewer that is the Justice Department.”
In a live appearance live video Thursday Shkreli spoke to jurors as he told fans: “I give them about 20 minutes before releasing the child.”

She also used the video to resume her online references to Lauren Duca, an independent journalist who wrote a TeenVogue opinion piece that criticized Trump and caught her eye. Twitter suspended his account after Duca had complained of harassment.

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