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Officials: Escaped prisoner abducts, kills assistant warden’s teen stepdaughter

Officials: Escaped prisoner abducts, kills assistant warden’s teen stepdaughter

BATON ROUGE, La. – A prisoner kidnapped and killed an assistant stepdaughter after escaping from a Louisiana prison, authorities said Friday. The detainee was later found dead after a clash with the police.

Deltra Henderson, 39, walked away from his prison Mission Correctional Center David Wade Thursday afternoon, stole a car and kidnapped Amanda Carney, 19, said the parish sheriff’s office in Claiborne a statement.

Carney lived in a house on the prison property with his parents, reports CBS affiliate KSLA. The Henderson station reported that it was at the work station on the ground when the leak occurred.

The young man’s body was found in a wooded area near the prison where the Henderson car crashed, the sheriff’s office said. Sheriff Ken Bailey said in a telephone interview that investigators believe Henderson Carney died stabbed but waiting for the autopsy results.
The sheriff’s office says Henderson then contacted another neighbor in the area and stole another vehicle before crashing, reports KSLA. He then entered a nearby house in the prison facilities and found a firearm, authorities said.

He locked himself inside after a shot with prison guards. Police found his body inside the house after the dead end.

Investigators suspect Henderson was fatally wounded when they exchanged shots with the prison guards, according to the sheriff.

“Authorities have worked to capture Henderson in peace, but his firing shots at the agents and the fire was returned,” said a statement released by police on Thursday at the station.

Carney enrolled at the University of Southern Arkansas in the fall to study nursing, the sheriff said.

“Everybody knows everybody (here),” the sheriff said. “It’s just tragic.”

The service offers corrections for bereavement counseling services for staff and inmates at Homero Prison, which is located in Northern Louisiana and up to 1244 inmates.

Secretary Corrections James LeBlanc said it was a “black day” for the penitentiary system in the state.

“Our hearts are suffering today, as we afflict and mourn the loss of one of us,” LeBlanc said in a statement.

Carney graduated in May from Summerfield High School, according to the station. Senior Director Shane Lee told the network “There are no words to express today’s sadness in our hearts.”

Lee said the community lost “a young woman we like. A woman who excelled in academics, sports and was a role model for her classmates.”

Henderson had been held in prison since June 2001. He arrived about a month after serving a 30-year prison term for convictions for distribution of cocaine, armed robbery and attempted aggravated robbery.

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