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Thousands evacuate NC island after power outage

Thousands evacuate NC island after power outage

(CNN) Kalla Bruhl and her boyfriend’s family took a short vacation.

They were among thousands of tourists on the island of Ocracoke, North Carolina, who had to pack and evacuate after a major power outage.
“We were all pissed,” said Bruhl, 22, of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, then the light went out around 4 am Thursday morning. “We left early earlier, it was very hot in the house.”

“We finally like the time we spent there. We just hope this will not be completed so fast,” he said. “We really do not have time to do everything we wanted.”
More than 2,300 people and 893 vehicles were evacuated from Ocracoke Island on Friday afternoon, Hyde County spokesman Donnie Shumate told CNN.

“Everyone is starting to leave the island and the complete evacuation is expected to take place shortly,” said Shumate.

“Rental owners went door to door to make sure they were all out. And if people refuse to leave, they could be guilty of a class two misdemeanor,” he said.

According to state authorities and utilities, a transmission line was cut during construction and eliminates electricity on two islands in the tourist mecca known as the Outer Banks – Hatteras Island County Dare and Hyde Ocracoke Island in the neighboring county.

No evacuation order has been made for tourists on Hatteras Island, but the area was subject to mandatory electricity conservation Friday night as Cape Hatteras Electric Electric Cooperative. This requires that everyone on the island removes air conditioning systems and radiators from the mains jacuzzi turning off the power switches in the system.

It is not known how long it will take to restore energy. Nine portable generators are expected to have 2 megawatts to arrive on the island on Friday night to provide temporary power to certain parts of the island.

Sandi Beck, 52, of Trinidad, North Carolina, said she and her husband were at Avon on Hatteras Island when the light went out. She and her husband were frozen, perishable products put in soda and bought a camping grill.

“We think we’re essentially camping in a house,” she said Friday.
The sea breeze has not poured into your rental house, so it was difficult to sleep. She and her family were planning to leave for the night.

“It’s going to be nice to sleep in the air conditioning tonight,” he said.
The situation has embarrassed travelers and a region that rely on money from tourists. On the eve of the holiday season, Governor Roy Cooper signed a state of emergency Thursday.

“This statement will allow us to move resources in the state as soon as possible to help restore power to Ocracoke and Hatteras Islands,” Cooper said.

The statement allows officials to obtain the necessary resources to deal with the emergency. It waives weight restrictions and service hours for fuel, utilities and other truck drivers working to help restore power.

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